Frequently Asked Questions


How much money can I save by using your service?

In most cases, you can expect a discount of 15 to 40 percent off of FedEx shipping rates by using our service. The exact savings will depend on the FedEx service and declared value that you select.

Do I need to create an account?

Yes, we require that all customers create an account to use our service and order a shipment.

How do I use your service?

We make the process simple from start to finish.

  1. Create a free online account at
  2. Complete and submit the information requested on the “New Shipment” form.
  3. Continue to checkout.
  4. Instructions for scheduling your pickup, packing, and shipping will be sent via e-mail.

It’s that easy!

My camp is not listed in your system. What should I do?

For your convenience, we have many camps from across the U.S. auto-populated in our system. But don’t panic if you don’t see your camp on the list! Simply type your camp’s information manually, so we have it for your order.

We will then store that information so that it’s available the next time you ship bags through us.


Are there weight or size limits for duffel bags going to camp?

Yes, there are limits to the size and weight of each bag. Additional fees apply to bags that exceed those limits.

A package weighing 150 lbs. (68 kg) or less and measuring greater than 130 inches (330 cm) in combined length and girth will be classified by FedEx Ground as an “oversize” package.

Bags that exceed those dimensions are subject to oversize baggage charges of $80 plus additional fees.

Tip: If you purchased a bag described as “colossal” or “oversize,” it’s likely it will have a linear dimension of more than 90 inches.

How do I attach my label to my bag?

We recommend using a luggage tag to attach your label. Simply attach the FedEx label to the tag, wrap it around the handle, and secure it with a zip tie. The tag is an inexpensive and durable option for securing your label. You can find tags readily available at any FedEx, UPS, or shipping center at little to no cost.

Do I have to lock my camper’s duffel?

Although locking isn’t required, we recommend securing the bag with a lock or zip tie to prevent the zipper from opening in transit.

I have signed up for your service but have not received my label yet, when do I get it?

Approximately 10 days before your scheduled ship date, you’ll receive your shipping labels by email so that you can print them. You’ll also find them in the  “My Account”section of our website.

Do I have to pack everything into a box?

No! You do not need to box your duffel bags. Please be sure to secure any zippers and remove straps before shipment.


When should I sign up?

We recommend placing an order with us at least two weeks in advance of when you will want to ship your bags so you have time to get the supplies you need. Shipping supplies are available at a FedEx Officeor a store that provides FedEx shipping services.

What should I enter as my ship date?

Check with the camp to determine when it will need your bags. For camps on the west coast, we recommend a ship date of at least 10 business days in advance and at least 7 days in advance for camps elsewhere in the U.S. This will help ensure timely delivery in the event of unforeseen delays in transit. Please be aware that FedEx Ground does not pick up on weekends.

We offer both FedEx Ground and Express service to and from camps. Please note that registration for Express service is only available within 10 days of your desired ship date.

How do I schedule a pickup time?

You will receive an e-mail with all necessary information and instructions for calling FedEx and scheduling your pickup.

Alternatively, you can drop your baggage off at any FedEx Office locationat your convenience.

How do I arrange to have bags returned to us after the camp stay is over?

When you place your order to have bags shipped to camp, you can select “Round Trip” service to schedule your bag’s return, as well.

If you haven’t selected Round Trip service, you can place a new order to have your bags shipped “From Camp.”

We will coordinate efforts with the camp to prepare your child’s bags for return shipping. We will email shipping labels to the camp before the end of your child’s session. Please be sure to enter your camp’s email address (if it’s not already populated) in our online order form to ensure labels go to the right place.

Do I have to be home at the time of pickup (or delivery if I’ve ordered bags to be returned home after my child’s camp stay)?

No. You do not need to be home at the time of pickup or delivery. For pickup, please make sure bags are in a location where the FedEx driver can easily see and access them.

For delivery, select the signature waiver option when filling out the shipment form so that the driver will drop off bags if you’re not at home.*

*Be aware that waiving signature requirements nullifies any applicable insurance protection if a bag is stolen.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes! You can track your packages in real time in the Tracking section of “My Account “

Declared Value Coverage

What is declared value?

The declared value of a package is the carrier’s maximum liability in connection with a shipment of that package. It includes but is not limited to any loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, or non-delivery.

What do I do if I have a problem involving pickup, delivery, or missing or damaged items?

If you experience any of these issues, you must contact FedEx directlyat 1-800-463-3339 or onlineto file a claim. Please have your tracking information ready before calling.

What is covered if a loss occurs?

The declared value covers most camp-related items with the exception of:

Glassware, guitars and musical instruments, jewelry, and improperly packed fragile items. To view a complete list and see FedEx’s terms and conditions, please refer to their Service Guide.

Please note, that if your baggage is not boxed, the bag is considered the shipping “container” and is not covered under the declared value coverage.

Order Changes and Cancellations

Can I cancel or modify my shipment?

Yes! If your order has not shipped yet, you may cancel or modify your order by contacting us.

For Camps

How can we recommend to campers’ families?

Thank you for asking! Please contact Mike at We would love to help!